How do you adjust the volume on the NUB?

The volume is adjusted from your connected device.


Does the NUB automatically turn off?

Yes, it will turn off on by itself after a few minutes without using.


How long does the battery last?

About 4 to 5 hours.


What is stereo sound?

You can simultaneously connect two NUBs and listen in stereo sound.


How do you connect two NUBs for stereo sound?

Have 2 NUBs that have been previously connected to your device. Then turn one on and connect it, then turn on the second NUB.


If the speaker is connected to my phone, will it ring through the NUB?

Yes, it will ring and then connect as a speakerphone you can take phone calls on.


Can I connect the NUB to my laptop?

The NUB will connect to any Bluetooth enabled device. (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.)






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